More accurately, you win some and lose some.  twrI installed the new rings on the TA Cyclo Touriste cranks.ntar

Nothing really transforms a bike like the holy trinity of a new chain, rings and freewheel installed at the same time.  The bike pedals like new.  Then the tide turns.bb

I wasn’t a block from home, enjoying the new set up, when I pedaled backwards for the fun of it.  My toe clipped the bottom of the front plastic Blumels fender.  Snapped like it had been waiting all its life to become two.  I hate breaking things and I hate breaking irreplaceable vintage things more.  I can get Blumels on eBay, and I probably will, but this pair is gone.  Bummer.  I walked the bike home, removed the broken fender and then set out for the garden again.

I hadn’t been since Sunday and it had rained a fair amount, so it didn’t take long to stuff the Cannondale panniers.  I brought home a huge cabbage, twenty cucumbers, green beans, cherry tomatoes and a big bag of mustard greens.


The kimchi pancakes rocked.  If you haven’t, you should.

kpogThat’s enough.  Take care!



One response to “Entropy

  1. You pedaled backwards……awesome.

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