Oh hi!

Lacey and I had a great weekend.  A trip to the Capital City Gastropub (my first since the ownership changed) introduced us to the magic of wrapping a black bean burger in spring roll wrappers and then frying it up.  Before I figured out the deal, I thought they had melted a white cheese all over the thing.  It was really amazing.  Held the thing together really well.  Glad to find that the whole vibe of the place has changed.  Before the new ownership, a trip there as a vegan left me feeling like an intruder in a carnivore’s den.  Now there are many plant sourced menu items and and a welcoming attitude on the side.  Top flight beer list doesn’t hurt either.  We’ll be back.

We also saw the movie Chef.  The food!  The cooking montages!  The happy ending!  Highly recommended.

Frida?  So far so good.  We’re cherishing every day and she is loving temps in the 70 in August.  Go girl!  FiG

Nutrition?  Not sure how I stumbled on this video.   Equally unsure how I watched all 76 minutes of it.  Punchline?  If you are a vegetarian or a vegan you’d do well to eat two tablespoons of ground flaxseed every day and take at least 100 mg of B-12 every day.  Watch the video to see the spooky stuff that goes down if you don’t.  Best part is, we’ve been doing both since day one.  Joanne Stepaniak must have told us to.  Amazed we listened.  I’ll bet Lacey pushed us there.  Thanks, Joanne and Lacey!  Thanks Dr. Michael Greger!

I bought three presents for my ratty Trek I’m enjoying rolling around on.  The two small cogs were skipping and the chain showed 75% wear.  Might have been that way for years since I doubt I’ve ever shifted to the small cogs, but I did last week when riding with a friend.  Clunk clunk went my drivetrain when I applied even a little pressure.

I installed a new chain and freewheel.  Those aren’t presents.  Those I had on hand.  While those two bits sorted things out, I found that TA is making new rings for their classic Cyclo Touriste cranks and that Boulder Bicycle is selling them for reasonable prices (considering what NOS rings are selling for).  You know I ordered a set of three.  TARs

Only problem is, they are way too pretty.  TAR

Am I seriously supposed to run a chain over their mirror finish?  If I can bring myself to install them and use them, I won’t relish the first front gear change.  I’ll leave it in the middle ring as long as I can.  OKC

Dinner?  I’m making kimchi pancakes, avocado rolls and miso soup.  I’ll use the last pint of my 2012 kimchi for the pancakes.  Spooky fun (not really–it isn’t as dark as the picture shows–the sun is hidden by rain clouds–the kimchi tastes delicious and is still crunchy).  The avocado rolls are done and the dashi for the soup is in the fridge so all that really remains are the pancakes.  They go together quickly and Lacey isn’t home for one and a half hours, so I’m happy to be writing to you.

And then the jinx is cast.  I have nothing more to share.  Good enough.  Take care, ok?

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