I never miss an issue of Urban Velo.  It is for me a cover to cover read, and I just read the whole of issue #43.

An article on fun rides, presented as a critical mass alternative enjoying increasing popularity, starts on page 56.  Among the handful of rides covered is Albany’s Tweed Ride!  There is even a picture of two of our local pedaling stars.

Don’t stop there.  Turn the page for a terrific article on increasing the number of women riders.

Great reviews, too, including a review of the ABUS Granite Futura mini U lock.  You gotta have a U lock if you leave your bike in public, and this sounds like a great one.  The Rivendell folks sell ABUS products and you know that speaks to me.

How about narrow wide rings?  I’ve never thrown a chain off a single front ring with a rear derailleur (and I have long had this set up on one or more of my bikes), but thanks to Urban Velo I won’t be in the dark when I stumble upon a conversation regarding this hot new product.  Narrow wide rings might not revolutionize pedaling, but  it’s good to know what they are.

Thanks Urban Velo for all you do!

Time to feed Frida.  Have a wonderful Sunday.



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