Mere Quibbles

Why does “not a problem” sometimes take the place of “you’re welcome” as a response to “thank you?”  When I say “thank you” I’m expressing gratitude, not apologizing.  Harrumph.

Forgive me. The plane, the invasion and ordering bifocal lenses for the first time, collectively, have pushed me a bit off center.


I should resume when I’m in a better place.

[time passes without watching the news]

Glad I waited to publish.  A trip to the garden helped.  Everything looks and is producing well.  A neighboring gardener gave me shallots.  Another gardener gave a hello with enough cheer to lift us both a foot or so.aag

Then a nice neighborhood roll followed by lunch with a good friend.  Always a treat.

On the way home, I passed a guy securing a bicycle to a trailer towed behind a Rialta RV.  I think I’ve mentioned here that I have a new found love for the Rialta.  I asked if this is the Rialta I see parked a few blocks from where we were talking.  It is.  I asked if the trailer is new.  It is.  Just got it together today.   Added that he needs to get six bikes on it.  I said that’d be easy (it was a good sized trailer) and asked if he was headed out on an adventure (what am I… five?  Hey mister!).  He said “Iowa.”  I said “RAGBRAI?”  He was taken aback but recovered quickly to confirm that was  his destination.  His first crossing was last year and he says he can’t imagine not making the trip every year hence.  I said I’d never done it despite coming from Nebraska, but that I knew where he lived and I’d knock on his door this time next year to see if he could carry seven bikes.  We shook on it.  I’ll write here that his name is Andre so that I can look it up next year.  He is going to have a great time.

So the morning was a little rough, but I am feeling better now.  All that remains is to let the clock run out on the work week.

Have a great weekend.  I intend to.


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