I had this picture in my head but couldn’t put my hands on it until just now.  lnr

Thought maybe I had made it up or rearranged some other picture in my memory.  Not this time.  I do this with Frida all the time.  Her weight feels good–she’s my thunder shirt.fnr

I wonder if our glasses are the same?  They look it and Shuron has been around long enough (1865).  Hmm.

My cousin mentioned this show to me.  I’ve stopped being surprised by artists’ ability to hide from me.  No longer, Eef.  You’ve been found, and it makes me happy.  Listening to this just now.DSC07043

I fiddled with the tandem yesterday and some today.  That’s it above, in an old picture, pre-fiddle.  It is a Cannondale (in case you missed the two giant logos) mountain tandem with Nitto upright bars and slicks.  Sparkly purple.  I took off the toe clips (why were they there ever?) and added a rear rack.  I tightened the primary chain (the captain to stoker chain) by moving the eccentric in the bottom bracket shell.  Can you almost see it was lose in the picture above?  Yikes.  I was shocked at how easy it was to get the eccentric turning since the bicycle is now 20 years old and I am certain the eccentric has never once been loosened.  I removed the eccentric from the bottom bracket shell while I was at it and found it completely free of grease.  Why hadn’t it seized or at least squeaked?  I greased the shell and the eccentric and put it back in there.  Now it will probably slip.  At least it won’t seize.  Aluminum to aluminum interfaces have a tendency to grow attached to one another without grease, don’t you know?  I also greased the chains and checked the brakes and derailleurs.  All ready to go!

I’m out of things to share.  You have anything?  Take care.



2 responses to “Ribbons

  1. I need to start doing simple repairs to my bike. I noticed my chain needs a good cleaning and some fresh grease. I figured you would have a great suggestion on what to use for grease and how to clean it. In a moment of haste I was reaching for the wd40 but then thought that I should do some reaearch first. 🙂

    Have you toured the tandem around? It looks awesome!

    • Wd40 totally would work but cool kids would use rock and roll lube or white lightning. Something wax based and self cleaning. You say the word and we’ll set up a session.

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