Today for the first time I put batteries in a Safe-Lite made by B&G Industries, Inc. from Hanover, N.H.sl1

DOT approved!  Can you believe they cared enough?  sl2

I was delighted that it worked.  Then I shut it off.  sl3

Then I turned it back on and after about five seconds it started blinking.  I was surprised because the light lacked a rely in the circuit to cause it to blink.  It was just two batteries, a simple switch and a bulb.  sl4

Must be the bulb!  It is a GE 401 which, I now know, has a relay of sorts built into the bulb.  They can still be purchased (NOS).  Amazing (to me).  This light makes the Vistalite CueLite look complex.  What does Google have to add?  An ad!SL5

The ad is from Field & Stream in November, 1969, so this light could be 45 years old!  And I thought it was a light for bicycling.

A storm is blowing through so I should go comfort Frida.  Take care.

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