Gosh it is (going to be) hot!  Good for the garden.gr

I’ve been bringing home mustard greens, culled beets, shelling peas and snap peas.  Today was no different, but I left the mustard greens alone.pr

Not so good for Frida.  Just recently we were talking ourselves into a fit over her. She was walking more slowly, panting a lot and showing less interest in food.  We didn’t know if it was the heat or if her kidney function was headed downhill.  Our friend vet drew blood and told us her kidneys are the same as when she was first diagnosed.  So just the heat.  Shorter walks, longer naps in the shade and bowls of ice should help her through it.  Huge exhale. fr

Bikes?  Sure thing.  A little every day, for transportation.  Saw this at Rivendell.  Looks like something everyone should have.  Bought these at a temple tag sale.  pn

I wasn’t super impressed by Cannondale bags as a kid and these weren’t their top end models but nostalgia carried me to the register where I became one dollar lighter and a pair of bags heavier.  I’d do that deal five more times without blinking.

Time’s up.  Take care of yourselves, okay?


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