This morning I enjoyed my first ride in the country.  Only eleven miles but each Spring it presents as a mental hurdle.   I wonder whether my legs and lungs will show up.  They were there today (as much as a teenager wearing headphones is there–if I asked authoritatively and repeatedly, eventually one or both would lift an ear cup to see what all the fuss was about).  RF

It felt good to place my life in the hands of my neighbors and have them care enough to steer a little left, then a little right, at just the right time.  Some cared more than others, making sweeping gestures of respect with their cars (all the way into the next lane they’d go).  My sincerest thanks for that.  Even the ones that snuggled up to my left elbow, a vehicular hug if you will, permitted me room enough to remain upright.  My sincerest thanks for that, too.RC

I hope your day is swell.

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