My biological father died on Monday.  He and my mom divorced when I was young.

My mom remarried and her new husband adopted me.  My adoptive dad has been a wonderful father to me ever since.   That’s him below with his trusty pal Daisy.rp

My relationship with my biological father has been complicated.  I don’t want to talk about it here, now, so I’ll just leave it.

The pictures I have of us together were taken before he left.  If they are telling the truth, I thought he was a swell biological dad.two

I was in San Francisco for business when I learned.  I spent the day doing the work I was there to do (which wasn’t much because I get things done in advance) and the work that came up because of my biological father’s passing.  I am glad to be

I may talk more about this later.  I may not.  I should say, though, that I am fine.  Fine enough anyway.  I hope you are well.  Onward.


22 responses to “Goodbye

  1. elisabethspace

    You became the amazing person you are via this wonderful combination of nature and nurture. xoxo

  2. Steven Rogelberg

    Condolences Randy. I wish you peace and strength. Love, Steven

  3. William dimon

    Sorry to hear my friend. My, you look a lot like him.

  4. I love you so much for sharing this. You are a wonderful person!

  5. This very moment, I am doing the same as the last picture. I want it to last forever. It makes me teary.

  6. H! Randy, its been forever… although you are on my mind from time to time, thinking of our adventurous outings in Omaha and liking your Lovely wife’s posts on FB — Love you both. May you find strength and give yourself the time to mourn your fathers passing —wishing you peace my friend. Hugs from Amsterdam

  7. Thinking of you, Randy!

  8. Thinking about you and sending condolences at this sad time –

  9. Randy, sorry to hear the news. Feel better. It takes a long time for it to sink in. Lost my Dad in 2012. It’s tough… You look so much like your father. Especially picture #2 – looks just like you as a young man!

  10. My post yesterday didn’t come through. Beautiful photos of both dads. I hope you and Lacey have a healing weekend. We keep you in our hearts.

  11. Michelle Zacharia

    He was damned handsome! I thought at first it was you holding a baby.He made a beautiful boy, who is now someone I regard as one of the most elegantly useful people I’ve ever known. I have a feeling this Goodbye is among, if not the most gentle and precious thing anyone ever gave him. I’m so grateful you shared this with us sweetheart. I love you very much baby Randy.

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