Sitting Here

I’m in lust with this (again via Urban Velo).  Resisting the urge to act on it.

My friend is working on my grandfather’s negatives.  Sent this today.

Herman By Motorbike

What’s up with those leg wraps?  Surely part function but enough overboard to suggest a modicum of fashion.  I just bought a vintage tie off of eBay to imitate the one above.  My friend wants to take my picture with a bicycle in a costume matching my grandfather’s.  With the tie, I should be able to come pretty close.  Fun project!

I wrote to the Mayor expressing frustration over meatheads (the few who spoil bicycle rides in this fair city).  Nothing.  Four months later I wrote again and got a quick reply and an apology and was invited to speak to with someone in planning. Sent her a note today.  Not sure what my expectations are, but at minimum it is nice to be acknowledged.  Fingers crossed for something more.

Recently attended my nephew’s bar mitzvah.  Life affirming, I tell you.  The pictures tell it all, but I am generally agin’ sharing pictures of (living) others without their consent (and I am too lazy to seek it just now).  If you get an invite to one of these touching spectacles, go and see for yourself.  Bring tissues!

Jack White’s latest LP, Lazaretto, showed up yesterday.  It is a complicated pressing.  Like it should come with instructions (but it didn’t).

Innovative and fancy, no?  The music is wonderful, too.

Enjoyed a growler of Carton Brewing’s Boat Beer.  A session IPA (4.2% abv) which I understand, rightly or wrongly, Oliver’s will have on tap all summer.  If that’s right, good plan.   I’d buy more.

Still raining here.  I haven’t been to the community garden for a week.  My imagination, with the weeds, runs wild.  On Saturday I might find a beanstalk inviting a heavenward climb.  I won’t accept, but it is fun to dream.

Enough already.  Be well.


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