Afternoon!  Let’s see…

I’ll start with an exciting failure.  Exciting if it would have worked, that is.  I tried to recreate a cheese frenchee.  I looked at a lot of recipes.  I tried one from a guy who said he worked at King’s.  His recipe involved slathering mayo on the inside of the top and bottom pieces of bread, adding cheese and then freezing the sandwich (to bind the sandwich together).  Next, slather the outsides with mayo and press the sandwich into cracker meal.  I used matzo meal.  Freeze again (presumably to lock the cracker meal in place).  I fried it in what I believed to be 350 degree oil until brown, but because the sandwich was frozen, the inside was still cold.  I use a dial type candy thermometer which gives different readings based on how deep the stick is in the oil.  Kind of janky, no?  Much of the matzoh meal came off during frying, too.  It tasted fine, but not very close to the real deal.  Whatever.  I don’t need fried cheese sandwiches in my life anyway.

Next up–an unexciting win (but important nonetheless).  I cleaned our clothes dryer vent.  Not too hard with this.  The tool looks suspiciously cheap, but it works really well.  The vent is so long I had to clean it from the outside to get half and from the inside to to get the other half.  First time I got to use my Shop Vac (bought it to handle water emergencies and have luckily had none–knocking on wood as I type).  The instructions also had me take the back off the dryer and clean there too.  It wasn’t too bad inside (after 20 years of use), but it is better now.  If you don’t want to mess with the job, hire someone.  Better not to leave it undone.  Like I might have  until today.  Like you probably have.  So do it!    sb

Finally, something exciting but unimportant–I picked up a case of large bottles of Stone Brewing’s Enjoy By 07.04.14.  I had a growler of their 04.20.14 and was really impressed. I can’t wait to sample one of the new ones, but I’m on the clock for another hour, minimum.  Working from home, bright line rules are your friend.

Still raining on and off.  Should stop this weekend.  Hope to get out and pedal somewhere.  You?


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