That’s the Way I Like It

Rainy day here.  No need to water the gardens.  Frida’s had her walk.  Caught up at work, too.  fp

Thank goodness for the internet.  Have you hugged Urban Velo today?  They deserve a big one–they do such good and important work.  Reading it today, I clicked here and then here.  The second link is both sobering and inspiring.  If I were a personal injury lawyer, I’d add my name to that site.  The third link really raised my hopes–three turns of the pedals for South Carolina!  Click all around their site.  Things like this (from their FAQ page) really resonated with me:

Aren’t cyclists asking for trouble by riding on the roads?

No.  South Carolina—recognizing the importance of cycling as a healthy recreation and transportation—requires and encourages bikes to use the roads.  Don’t forget that those cyclists out there could be your relatives, kids, friends, and coworkers, so treat them well.

I wish I could get that message to an impactful few here.  Education is key–maybe all we need.  I don’t need changes to roads (except please fix potholes) or laws.  It would be enough for me if we’d follow current laws and exhibit a bit more compassion.

The City has recently installed a speed detector sign before a local school zone.  It displays your speed in red if you’re exceeding 20 mph and otherwise in yellow.  Nearly the only time I see yellow is when it broadcasts that I’m pedaling 12 mph (thankfully I’ve shed that part of my ego).  Even when the traffic light (located just half a block beyond the speed detection sign and right in front of the school) is red, almost no one keeps it under 20.  They maintain their regular excessive speed, above the citywide 30 mph limit, very nearly to the stop light, kids and brake pads be damned.  I’ve even seen school buses exceeding the limit.  Too bad the sign can’t trigger the issuance of tickets (as would proposed red light cameras).

Good stuff?  Plenty, really, but I’ve taken too much of your time.  I’ll devote my next post to the bright side.  Take care now.