One Decade Later

A little more than ten years have passed since Frida came to live with us. Today is her 13th birthday!fnf

What a ride!  It has also been ten years since I’ve tried to make a tofu omelette.  I don’t remember it going well, but today I was back at it with help from Isa’s brunch cookbook and black salt from

Black salt has a heavy sulfurous scent.  The Indian grocer said Indians use it in water while fasting and may sprinkle it on chaat (savory snacks).  He was polite when I told him I intended to use it to impart egg flavor in a tofu omelette.  Maybe even interested.  He asked, anyway.  A lot has changed in ten years–this morning’s omelette was incredible.  o

The black salt served its purpose well and the texture was right there.  I added white Daiya, olives, basil and some delicious salsa made by my friend.  Thanks pal!od

Time to go walk with the birthday girl.  fandl

Enjoy your day.


4 responses to “One Decade Later

  1. Richard Putnam

    happy birthday Frida richard lana daisy

  2. Happy belated birthday to Frida!

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