One Day

Took Lacey’s VW GTI to the dealership to get a tire replaced.  Something tore a chunk out of the sidewall.  It was holding air, but who knows for how long.  Fixed now.  They also sorted a rattle coming from the hatch area.  I thought it was the metal latch, but extending the rubber hatch stops, which has the effect of tightening the connection between the latch and the hook, didn’t solve the noise.  They ended up taking off all the trim until they found that a plastic compass module that had been installed with two sided tape was loose and rattling against the roof.  They spent over two hours to get it right.  Very impressive.  Thank you Capital Cities.

Pedaled to Bros Tacos with a friend.  First time there and loved my vegetable burrito.  Ran into Lacey while I was there.  Pleasant surprise!chb

Stopped at Tierra Farms company store on the way home.  They had chocolate hazelnut spread without dairy!  You don’t see that every day (no idea why, but trust me), so I brought home a jar.  Perfect.  Good work Tierra!fw

Frida’s 13th birthday is Sunday and still she chugs.  Big love to her!gg

The community garden plot is doing well.  A huge patch of volunteer mustard shows up.  Its in the back of the garden, on the right.  Loving that.  Last night I blanched a bunch, then tossed it into a pan of olive oil in which I had slowly sautéed a ton of garlic and some salt.  This was perfection.  You can also see three patches of volunteer dill near the middle of the garden.  The other plants are too small to make out, but they are all there doing their best to be bigger.

Just sold the Motobecane!  The buyer was the wife of a fellow who misses his bike, the same model, that he let go long ago.  I hope the new one lives up to his memories.  It is a swell ride.  I’ll miss it.  As of now I have twenty some bicycles.  The twenties!  Didn’t think I’d see that (low of a) number for, well, ever?  It feels great.  I should sell a few more.  Weee!

That’s enough.  Have a great weekend.


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