Good morning.  I hope you are well.  This morning, as I worked at my computer, this fellow sat quietly nearby.ss

I passed the weekend visiting my parents in Sedona.  I arrived Thursday afternoon, two days after the a fire started in Oak Creek Canyon (just five miles north of Sedona).  Slide Rock State Park, within Oak Creek Canyon, has been closed since the fire started and has given the fire, the “Slide fire,” its name.  sf

It is a big fire, currently over 30 square miles, and more than 1,000 firefighters are working on it.  The fire is 35% contained and today they hope to build a line to the south of the fire.  This, along with prevailing winds, should together help assure Sedona won’t be impacted.

I had a nice out and back hike with my mom below the Sedona airport.  Nice views the whole way.  The haze in the photo below is smoke from the Slide fire.arh

My parents are doing great.  Phone calls help me know that, but visits really give me comfort.

That’s that.  Take care.



2 responses to “Encounters

  1. Nice post about your trip here. Every morning it’s getting better as far as the smoke goes. We’re going to Phoenix Sun. aft. around 2:30 to take the car in 1st thing Monday morning. They will finish putting on the Scotchguard on the carpet and check a couple of places on the paint. Then we’ll meet a couple from church to look at carpet and fabric for altar cushions at a contractor’s office who specializes in churches. Then Costco and home! Hate to leave Daisy again but need to get his done. Love, Mom

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