The 1983 Specialized Stumpjumper just left.  While waiting for the buyer, I sat on the bench in the entryway and stared at the bike.  I do this often and almost always put in a good session before a sale.  A goodbye ogle.  stbbc stdo stf stht stsc

The garage sale is tomorrow.  The Bridgestone 700 and the Motobecane will be there.  I probably won’t bring anything else out, but if you want to buy something, ask.  I’m enjoying selling.

Lacey and I walked to the Tierra Roasters store on Madison.  It was our first visit and the place is swank.  The keeper shared some cold brewed coffee–made in a Yama cold dripper–swell.  We brought home some organic candied ginger.  I’ve been buying Reed’s at the co-op.   When I saw that Tierra Farm’s ginger was organic, it occurred to me that Reed’s doesn’t make that claim.   A friend told me that ginger is something you should definitely buy organic.  No guaranty, the certification can be bogus, but it is probably worth the effort.  Search one of many related terms and you get references to a 2013 suit brought by the State of California against retailers selling lead tainted candied ginger.  Reed’s was among the tainted products.  Has Reed’s cleaned up its product?  They don’t mention the suit on their site.  Tierra Roaster’s candied ginger comes from China.  I hope they ask the right questions–they seem like solid folks.  Onward.

Happy Friday, you all.

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