Unsorted Updates

So much work.  So little time to write to you.  Just now, though, I am positioned atop the wave, “the ball is in the other guys’ and girls’ respective courts” and I am happy to be in touch.

A neighbor stopped her car as I was pulling dandelions.  She said she was moving and wanted help sorting “electronics.”  I somehow managed to play it cool and set up a meeting for the following day.  She had a Kodak slide carrousel and a screen.   She’ll offer those at our upcoming neighborhood garage sale (May 17th, yo!).  She had a really cool slide viewer.  The viewer had a metal base with a light source and a fan.  The light shines through the single slide carrier and projects into a pyramid-shaped box and onto a plastic screen.  A neat way to look at slides without setting up the whole show.  She might keep that, but if you want it you are free to try to talk her out of it.  She had a Pioneer turntable.  Seems to be working (although we didn’t hook it up for a listen–just got it going).  That will be offered for sale.

She also had this (and it was sent home with me for helping her out over the years):acd

An Advent 201 cassette tape player.  Internet says it was one of the first high end home tape players because it had the Dolby in it.  It is ruining my hearing as I type.  Kitchens of Distinction are making the trebly feedback that was gracelessly laid on top of 50% of the music of my youth.  The player wasn’t working well when I got it.  It played for about five minutes and then fell silent.  It had started to eat the tape.  Not sure it is reliable now, but I opened it up, lubricated things that seemed to need that, glued together a plastic part that had become three pieces (all of which I were able to shake out of the guts of the player), and cleaned the pots.  It has been playing now for 45 minutes without incident and sounds really great.  I hope it keeps going because it is fun to mess around with.

Then there was this:cs

Two of ’em, actually.  Her husband got them in dental school and she’s had them ever since.  The one pictured is a child’s.  See the edge of my thumb for scale.  The other was from an adult.  They had a strange effect on the both of us (I’d never held a human skull in my hands).  We were reverent.  We were joking.  We were awed.  And, yes, we were creeped out.  All at the same time.  I offered to call my friend, who happens to be an antique dealer, and ask if it was safe for me to sell them for her on eBay.  I had them all the way to my house before I got him on the phone.  In a box wrapped in old towels.  Although these things have sold on eBay, it is against their seller guidelines.  Sales that get through (and there are many) are just lucky.  eBay threatened my friend with account closure for his efforts at selling examples in the past.  So they are now with him, to be sold on consignment at his store.  Quite a visit we had, my neighbor and me.  I’ll miss her.

The bike swap is still bearing fruit.  Well, my craigslist ad for it is.  A guy who wanted to buy the Stumpjumper before the swap wrote to ask if it is still mine.  He will be by next week to have a look.  I hope he likes it.  I am enjoying selling bicycles.  I’ve resisted it for so long, but I am beginning to understand that sale proceeds can be reallocated into future bikes.  I still want fewer bicycles, but it would be fun to convert half a dozen cool bicycles  into one super cool bicycle.  We’ll see.

Frida is sunbathing–a regular girl from Ipanema.fsb

That’s enough.  Hope you are well and having fun.

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