Give Me Five

Dinner is coming together, but I have ten minutes between steps so I’ll say hi. Dinner?  Sikil Pak!  A Mayan dip (via Rick Bayless) made with toasted pumpkin seeds, roasted tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeños, red onion, lime juice and salt.  The ingredients were pounded in my krok hin this morning.sik

Cooked sauce for a tortilla casserole (with potatoes, roasted poblano strips and chorizo inside).  Cashew creme on top.  Thanks to Viva Vegan.  es

Jicama and mango salad with mint, cilantro, lime and salt.  Again thanks to Viva

Sold the Trek 720 after I got home from the Bike Swap.  Almost forgot I’d given my number to the buyer, but he called, came and left with my treasure.  Still have the other three.

Frida continues to amaze.  fs

That’s the end of my break.  Back to the kitchen.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!


2 responses to “Give Me Five

  1. Return of the Son of Flanders

    Chorizo? Oh my. I’m afraid to tell you what’s in that….

    I sure do miss it from Calimexico, but I read today that they’re making the real thing now in Gloversville, of all places. Can we get the corp-op to carry it, do you think?

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