Pound and Grind

One ingredient at a time, in a krok hin, and you end up with green curry paste.gcp

Whole seeds of coriander, cumin and black pepper are toasted.  Chopped Thai chilies, jalapeños, lemongrass, galangal, shallots, garlic, cilantro and lime leaves come next.  Fermented bean curd is last.  An adventurous friend served that to me once before.  I don’t remember much about the experience (maybe there was beer involved), so I wanted to learn a bit before I headed to the store.  This didn’t give much comfort.  So many varieties and I know nothing.  No matter–I got lucky and came home with a variety that tasted great.  Very cheesy.  Into the krok hin it went.

I’ve put some herbs into pots and some seeds into the ground at both gardens.  We’re supposed to have some rain every day this week.  If it comes, the seeds at the community garden should have a good chance even though they haven’t yet turned on the water supply.  I have been watering the seeds at the home garden.  The spinach and lettuce is up, but the parsley isn’t.  More time.

Spent some time prepping the bikes I hope to sell.  Probably a mistake (my attachment grows when I work on things).  I appreciate threads that work and parts that are well designed and finished.  These bikes are really swell, each one of them, but I hope to be happier with fewer.   We’ll see.

I am going to go sit with Frida.  Hope you are well.


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