In the Kitchen

7:3o am.  Made a batch of sambar and ate half a cup as breakfast part I.  I’m working my way through the six or so recipes for sambar and/or dal in my Indian cookbook.  Loving them all.



8:00 am.  Made a batch of tofu matzoh brei and ate some for breakfast part II.  After making this dish during 13 or so passovers, I am really getting it sorted.  I’ve dropped the nutritional yeast, mustard, Bragg’s aminos and all the other strange things they put in scrambled tofu back in the day.  Simpler is better.  I still give it a little yellow with turmeric (as do most hippies), but next year it’ll be annato oil (I couldn’t this time because annato oil was at this moment three and a half hours from coming into my life (see below)).  The rest is just onions, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper.  Nothing else needed.  If you make one you’re proud of, I’d love to try it.

9:00 am.  Walked Frida with Lacey.  Golly I love that dog.  Golly I love Lacey.

10:00 am.  Pedaled to the Mexican grocery and the coop.  Bought really good stuff.  If you haven’t been to the Mexican grocery, you really need to go.  Their dried peppers alone are worth the trip.  I just got a big bag of chile costeña.  Hadn’t even heard of those.  How fun is that?  Really fun (for me).  Maybe this?cc

11:30 am.  Made a batch of annato oil.  Viva Vegan taught me how.  I’ll use it to color rice, empañada dough and chorizo.  Isn’t it pretty?ao

Nothing to it.  Just simmer achiote in oil for three minutes.  The achiote comes from the wall of the Mexican grocery (where you will go soon, right?).  Looks like this.  Stunning, no?a

The bike ride went great, by the way.  Big hooray.

11:35 am.  I whipped up a batch of Indian eggplant to go with the sambar and Lacey and I had a nice little lunch of sambar, eggplant, rice and paratha.  Life is good!

1:00 pm.  Friend came over for an afternoon LP listening session.  Very nice time.  He brought a light box so we could get a good look at my grandpa’s negatives.  The ones I scanned and showed here.   He is setting up a darkroom and wants to print some for me.  What a gift!  Can’t wait for that to go down.  Sneak peak:sp

4:00 pm.  Friend is gone.  Lacey is napping.  I am here (but should be outside).  Before I go, one more big bit of little news.  My Halco strainer started coming apart after a good decade of hard use.  Seems like the company is now known as Browne.  I found a reinforced version of my old strainer on Amazon.  The same fine mesh as my old one but another layer of bigger and stiffer mesh to support the whole thing.  Should last a decade, easy.  bsThat’s that.  Tomorrow I will get out into wonderful Spring weather.  Those chores aren’t going to do themselves!

Take care.



2 responses to “In the Kitchen

  1. Randy, sorry to write this here. Lacey commented on my FB this morning, we’re college roommates, then suddenly her account is deleted. Is everything ok? I don’t have her contact info.

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