Happy Passover

A small seder tonight.  Lacey, I and a neighbor.  Really looking forward to it.  Moussaka.  Matzoh ball soup.  Charoset.  Horseradish.  Sweet wine.  mb

I made the soup stock and the matzoh balls this morning.  Lagusta’s vegan matzoh ball recipe has never let me down.  This afternoon I whizzed up parsley, cilantro, salt and pepper in olive oil to drizzle on top of the soup.  I just noticed chives in the front yard, so I’ll chop those up for the soup, too.

This weekend I made a mole from Viva Vegan.  It came out beautifully.  Five pints!  One is in the fridge, three in the freezer and one to a neighbor.

Also this weekend we went to New Paltz to pick up a case of Stacy’s tortillas.  I paid, put the sealed box in the trunk and didn’t look at them until we got home.  They ordered the small ones instead of the large ones.  Said so right on the box.  I should have looked.  No burritos, then, but tacos and other smaller things.  Next time.

It was great to see Lagusta and Jacob at their chocolate shop.  Caught up as much as time allowed and stocked up, too.  Chocolate toffee matzoh will help get us through passover.  Three chocolate bars are mostly gone.  Two packs of Stumptown coffee beans.  Oh!  Two flavors of aged Treeline!  Better dig into at least one of those tonight.  While we where there Jacob made us wonderful coffee in his Chemex, which we enjoyed with donuts (chocolate and coconut on one and pistachio studded white icing on the other).  What a scene they’ve put together.  Shame we only get there once a year, if.

That’s that.  Hope you have a great passover.

One response to “Happy Passover

  1. It was such a treat to see you two, too!

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