Why Bother

I write these for me, so please click away.  Seriously.  Find something useful or fun to read.  Before you go, though, enjoy this picture of a gentleman on a bicycle in Albany taken June 6, 1914.  Albany 06.06.1914

I understand he was pedaling amongst participants before or after a suffragettes’ parade.  I clipped this part of the image from a huge image posted online by the Albany Public Library.    The first image at that link (for now) shows a wagon maker.  They’ve made a couple of wagons for the Cataract Brewery.  What a terrible name for a beer maker (or maybe at one time cataract referred to something other than filmy eyes).  They may have been a part of this cool situation that was once in Rochester.  Just a guess.  Thanks to All Over Albany for steering me to the images.

Tortilla update.  Dean’s can’t get Stacy’s Tortillas.  One guy at the distributor says no problem, but the guy who has to do it says they can’t.  “No place to put the tortillas when they arrive from Albert’s in New Jersey.”  Huge distributor, so systems are a must.  No cubby hole for a new product means no new product.  It would just get lost.  What a shame.  If I was a salesman for Stacy’s, I’d probably have to do little more than take a guy out for a fancy lunch and then it would happen.  A cubby hole would be set up.  But I am not a salesman and I’ve nearly run out of energy for this project.  At least I know that Honest Weight wasn’t dropping the ball (but why didn’t they ever communicate this to me?).  Anyway, I’ve asked My Market in New Paltz to order a case for me.  They said they would and will call when it comes in.  Driving three hours round trip for tortillas is absurd.  Inexcusable.  I’ll stop at Lagusta’s place for chocolates while I’m there.  Let me know if you want me to pick anything up for you.  All this to assuage my guilt.  I hope I don’t decide to do this again.

Now to the therapeutic writing.  Please… be free!  [A dear friend used to give this command to his dog “Homes Lake” Mitzy to show how well “HL” could follow commands–that one anyway.]

Sunny day.  Just finished returning a library book.  The Perfect Gentleman (I recommend it to you).  I was pedaling west on Western (an important four lane East West route in my town).  One stretch is too narrow for side by side sharing (two short blocks between Allen and Manning) so I take one of the four lanes for myself.  This leaves a second lane for faster users headed my way.  Pretty good set up if everyone plays nice.  Not everyone does, so it would be a swell spot for a couple of “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” signs.

At a red light I heard behind me a person in a car with studded snows revving his engine.  He yelled out his window that I needed to get out of the way.  I said it was narrow here and that he could use the other lane.  He didn’t.  Next light he again says I should get out of the way.  I said it is narrow for one more block and that he should use the other lane.  He suggested I use the sidewalk.  I said I don’t want to ride on the sidewalk.  I didn’t say it, but I believe that riding on the sidewalk is more dangerous.  He said I was a bitch.  Maybe so, but his impression of an ignorant bully brought it out.  Glad I was able to keep a calm demeanor throughout.

Getting back on the road means I need to remember to not communicate with angry motorists.  Hard for me to remember, but I was doing pretty well last year. I can do it again.  Things will calm down some when the students leave for the summer.  Speeds creep up when traffic thins (itself a danger), but I seem to get hollered at less.

Balance?  I enjoyed a nice ride to the bank yesterday.  Not a single scare or interaction.  If only…

Be well!


4 responses to “Why Bother

  1. Randal,
    A suggestion to further assuage your guilt for the New Paltz journey; make a day of it & visit nearby Minnewaska. I haven’t been in years, but I recall it being a really beautiful park.

  2. A cataract is a waterfall.

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