I’m a Fool

For April!  Only one day into it, but the season dial seems to have been clicked over to Spring (and not a minute too soon).  I pedaled to the co-op (PEDALED!) and added to my cart Parmela Creamery’s Creamy Treenut Cheese.  p

I was hoping to hate it so that I could continue to buy and love only localish Treeline nut cheeses, but the Parmela offering is really wonderful.  poc

Very creamy (the addition of coconut oil and locust bean gum surely help) and the flavor is, well, closer to real cheese.  Which real cheese?  I can’t say.  Last time I was buying animal excretion cheeses years started with 19s and I was in Nebraska so my cheese vocabulary is at best underdeveloped.  I can say the Treeline is tart, while the Parmela is more delicate and a bit more complex.  In the end, I can’t complain about the outcome.  I’ll buy both.  I can’t believe I can now choose from three nut cheeses.  If only the co-op would get the aged Treeline offerings.  They look incredible.

More fake cheese?  The co-op is again stocking the Daiya plain cream cheese.  d

You may recall I tried it the first time it showed up and that I found the plain to be dry and crumbly.  So much so that I returned it.  Tried it a second time and again returned it.  Seems like the co-op pulled all the plain from the shelves and it stayed gone for months.  It is back.  It is wonderfully creamy, but…doc

…seems like they changed the recipe.  Now it is sweet.  Really sweet.  Not sour at all.   If I closed my eyes I would think I was eating the strawberry. Weird.  Genuinely surprised Daiya is missing the mark here.  They are so strong in all other areas.

Bread and Honey is now offering vegan cream cheese–Go Veggie!  I haven’t been to Bread and Honey to try it, but my in-laws had some in the fridge for us when we recently visited.  Very sweet of them, and I ate a bagel filled with the stuff (enjoyed it), but it in no way passes the spoon test.  Taste it alone and it is terrible.  Hopefully Bread and Honey mixes in their own wonderful ingredients and the result is terrific.  I’ll give it a go and report my findings.

I am still a strong supporter of the Tofutti version.  Of all the not cream cheeses I’ve tried, the Tofutti tastes the best.  I know the original has trans fats, but I only eat the stuff once a month so I don’t worry about it.  I haven’t recently had the non-hydroginated version (I don’t find it around here), but reports are generally not favorable.  Oh well.  Maybe I should just suck up the expense and spread Treeline or Parmela on my next bagel.  tb

Isa Does It (again), this time with tempeh meat balls for spaghetti.  The recipe seemed decidedly hippy, but the results were swell.  tbo

I added fennel and chopped parsley but otherwise stuck to Isa’s recipe.  Next time I’ll add crushed red pepper too.  Already looking forward to it.

Frida enjoyed her trip to the in-laws, but you can see she left a little exhausted.  fit

Seems that her typical routine (a long walk in the morning and then sleeping all day in a quiet house) is more important than ever.  I’ll do what I can to keep that up.

Hope you are well!


4 responses to “I’m a Fool

  1. Those meatballs were amazing. Frida and I love you so very much!!!

  2. Since you mention vegan food, I was thinking of you the other day when enjoying Vegenaise Horseradish sauce on top of Viana brand Mediterranian Veggie Sausages. I am from Hungary so good horseradish sauce is a must. I remember my grandfather grating fresh horseradish every spring on the balcony, and I’ve been trying to find good horseradish sauce in this country for years. (Grading my own is on the list.) I do eat some dairy and eggs, but this vegan horseradish sauce is better than any other version I have been able to find. Also, the veggie sausages are very European tasting, since they are from Germany. I try to eat local, but I am from Europe, so when I see something from there, I can’t resist. 🙂
    Anyway, I highly recommend both products, if you are not already familiar with them.

    • Thanks for the tips! I haven’t seen the Viana products here. Looks like they are easy to get in California and will be in Portland (the left one) soon. I might need to mail order them. They look great.

      I’ve had horseradish in the ground here for five years. It hasn’t gone crazy but I have been able to pull out a few good roots each year. You should grow it! I haven’t done a thing to it since I stuck it in the ground. No water even. Rain here in New York seems to be enough.

      Thanks again and take care.

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