Small Offering

friyThe sunflower mac recipe in Isa Does It yields way too much sauce.  Isa acknowledges this in the intro and suggests uses for the remainder.  I’ll half the sauce recipe next time, but this metaphorical glass of soy milk is spilled so what to do with my extra sauce?  The sauce was great in that it was creamy and yellow but it was a little bland.  Ten years ago I would have said it lacked zestiness.  Today I know to say it lacks acidity.  Other recipes up the acid with lemon or mustard.  Isa’s second mac sauce recipe uses dry mustard but prepared mustard would be better because of the vinegar.

I was enjoying the sauce on afternoon nachos,  but I was happier when I added pickled jalapeños to the sauce.  It was the vinegar from the pickling that really made the sauce work.  I was happier still when I also added a touch of the spicy and salty vinegar from the jalapeño jar.  Heat a half cup of the augmented sauce, heat a bowl of tortilla chips and you’ll have a very nice facsimile of ball park nachos.  I’ll also add pickled jalapeños and some of the vinegar to the sauce when making mac and cheese.  Won’t that be better?  More?

Next thing I knew I was dreaming about cheese frenchees.  Haven’t heard of them?  Crunchy coated deep-fried cheese sandwiches aka HEAVEN.  I first got mine in Lincoln at King’s and later at Don & Millie’s in Omaha.  Sounds like my old English teacher Mrs. Moore may be serving them at her Amigo’s restaurants around Nebraska (does Mrs. Moore still own the chain?).  In my heart (figuratively and literally as some of the cholesterol from the cheese frenchees almost certainly remains there), though, I’ll always associate these delightful treats with King’s.  Oh how I loved ordering via the phone at the booth and the accompanying cherry up floats.  Top ten happiest experiences, easy.

There are recipes on the web from frenchee devotees.  The one that rang true for me was posted by a guy claiming to have worked at a Kings–mayo on the inside of two pieces of bread then add cheese.  Freeze.  Mayo on the outside of the bread and roll it in cracker meal.  Freeze.  Deep fry.  I’d use Follow Your Heart’s Vegenaise grape seed mayo (or possibly Just Mayo from Hampton Creek Foods–how have I, until today, missed this story?) and Daiya’s swiss or provolone slices.  Only hurdle for me is the deep-frying.  I am less concerned about my health than the cost of the quantity of oil required, but the possibility of reliving a childhood favorite may be the push I need.  Also appears to be no record of an attempt at veganizing the frenchee on the web.  Fun to be first.  Hmm.  Stay tuned.

Hope you are well.

2 responses to “Small Offering

  1. Randy, I too, have Cheese-Frenchie-related childhood memories; specific to King’s Restaurant. Yum! Thanks, that was a great memory-lane break for my day. Stacy

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