Lacey and I casually strolled into Bread and Honey on Madison to become their very first customers.  A button not pressed meant they didn’t have any baked goods when we arrived, but they did have two varieties of Gimme! Coffee.  Both were delightful.  Naomi, the owner, said B&H is the first establishment in Albany to offer Gimme! Coffee.  Glad it is here.cb

After a very short wait Naomi offered us a blueberry scone.  Not vegan, but I was hungry and didn’t want to turn down a gift.  Half of the flour was whole wheat.  Fresh out of the oven, it was delightful.  bs

By this time we were chatting with folks at the next table.  The guy said his son, goes by Duke, owns Duke’s Barber Shop right next door.  Having not had a haircut since 2009 (other than by my own hand), I asked if Duke was in.  He was, so I waked over and put my name in for the next open chair then went back to B&H.  bb

On cue, Naomi carries out a basket of demi baguettes.  I buy two.  One for Lacey and I to share and a second for the folks at the next table.  Also terrific.  Salt was perfect.  I had to chew for a second to uncover it.  A little subtlety is a good thing.

Then out come a basket of kaiser rolls.  I exercised restraint and didn’t buy those. Probably should have.  ntb

Soon enough the bagels were out.  Forgot to take a picture.  Too excited to eat them!  They had made plain and sesame (having asked us which we wanted).  Perfect execution, really, and right sized, too.  

Couldn’t have been happier (unless they had tofu cream cheese on hand).  Naomi assures us she will offer it.  Naomi wants to build the menu as she finds suppliers with whom she is comfortable.  Might take a while, but the right approach, don’t you think?  I hope she finds her way to a plain tofu cream cheese offered by either Tofutti or Daiya (and then adds in her shop roasted red peppers and other non critter sourced delights of her choosing).  You may recall the one tub of Daiya plain I tried had a questionable consistency, but I am convinced that was an anomaly since the texture of the Daiya strawberry I had before and since was spot on.  No Daiya strawberry, please.  It is amusing in its super sweet pinkness, but should not be put on a serious bagel.

Duke’s dad’s phone rang to let me know that I was up.  Back to Duke’s.  Rock, my new barber, hooked me up with a terrific cut.  The conversation was as great, too.  We talked about motorbikes and motorcars, don’t you know.  And the shop!  Filled with vintage goodness.  Not to be missed.fp

What a morning in our neighborhood!  I hope yours was swell too.

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