Still Eating

So I am still cooking.  Not too long ago I made a pot pie topped with phyllo thanks  to the recipe from Isa Does It.  pp

While her filling was yummier than that made from my other favorite recipe, her instructions called for too much phyllo (to be fair my vessel might have been narrower).  I went with it as instructed.  The top phyllo was beautiful and delicious, but the foundational sheets were shielded from the heat so they stayed doughy.  I might do it again with the phyllo, but more likely I’ll go back to a traditional top and bottom crust from my old recipe.  I will, however, use Isa’s filling recipe.  Yum!mcp

More?  I made a massamun curry paste from Buddha’s Table by Chat Mingkwan. Beat the heck out of it for at least 15 minutes in my mortar (which Mingkwan identifies as a krok din–a tall fired clay vessel with a wooden pestle, one of two used by Thai cooks, and the wrong one for this application–my  krok din should be used for mixing and tossing with only a little grinding and I should have a second, a krok hin, which is carved from granite or sandstone and is better suited to making pastes).  Happy to use leaves from my wild lime tree (which is flowering now–it must know spring is coming and that it’ll go back outside once the danger of freezing has passed).  bt

I’ve had for a decade a great Thai cookbook, and it even includes substitutions to veganize most recipes, but Mingkwan’s book appeals to me by listing my preferred ingredients (those without critters) directly in the recipes (instead of placing them in the gutter).

Another thing.  What can it matter what an author says in a forward?  It can matter a lot if the author says the right things.  Check out what Mingkwan wrote. fw

What do you think?  It spoke to me.  I’ve been working from a library copy of Buddha’s Table, but I just ordered a used copy so I will always have it.  Tonight I’ll turn the curry paste into a dinner by cooking it up with coconut milk, veggies and more spices.  Exciting!

Still more?  This afternoon I will pressure cook up a batch of black beans for Tuesday dinner.  Big yawn for you, but I am excited because for the first time I’ll be tossing in a handful of epazote (on  direction from Rick Bayless).  e

Rick has readers add epazote to blackbeans but not to pintos.  Must be the traditional way.  Excited to see what the epazote adds.  I bought this epazote over the weekend from the Mexican Market on Central.  I love every trip I make to this fine grocery.  Not only do they have exactly what I want, I enjoy interacting with the operators.  This time the woman at the register wrote down the amount due to show me.  I froze as tried to remember how to say nineteen in Spanish (I always freeze when I try to speak Spanish with native speakers).  So I started counting up from eleven and she helped me out.  I still mumbled as I tried to repeat it, so she helped again by counting up from fifteen.  So gentle and sweet and it helped blow away the cobwebs.  Pretty swell.

I sometimes do things other than eat.  Delighted that a friend invited me to a Saturday afternoon trip to ski at Jiminy Peak.  I hadn’t put skis of any variety on my feet this winter so I jumped at the chance.  rs

I have to admit my expectations were low.  I had only skied at Jiminy on Thursdays (to avoid weekend crowds).  This Saturday was the first nice day in a long while so I expected the place to be jammed.  I’d also never skied under the lights.  Turns out I’ve been missing out.  It was busier than usual, but I doubt we waited as much as a minute at the lifts.  There was a little ice, but not much and I stayed up.  In the end, I was downhill skiing with friends.   How can that be anything other than awesome?

Happy to report that Frida is still being Frida.  We are still snuggling her every chance we get.  She is a miracle.

That’s plenty.  Have fun and be well.


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