Becoming Unstuck

Mike Flanigan recently offered for sale a to be built for NAHBS ebike, utilizing a BionX motor and Gates belt drive.  Oh the power of tastemakers.  I’ve paid next to zero attention to ebikes until Mike offered one up.  The next spare moment I had I was hitting the books and learning about the BionX motor and the other motors out there.

I found The New Wheel, an ebike store in San Francisco with a terrific blog.  Their posts woke me up to the reality that ebikes are really happening and people are loving them.  While I haven’t seen one here, post after post on The New Wheel’s blog shows happy customers on new ebikes including an interesting long tail transport offering.

Studying The New Wheel’s offerings and info, I see that Mike picked the right motor.  The BionX does the best job of blending into the bicycle and from what I’ve read the system is silent.  Couple those virtues with Mike’s design and craftsmanship and, well, I can’t wait to see what he builds.

Mercedes’ Smart line has also picked the BionX motor.  Have a look at their offering.

Good looking, but Mike will do better.  Describing his ebike as an “1930′s style motor bike” has gone beyond piquing my interest and leapt straight to to the land of I  MUST SEE IT NOW!  Patience.  I still have a little.  One thing I will predict is that Mike will place the BionX’s gas tank shaped battery where gas tanks are meant to be–above the top tube near the headset.  A quick search of images suggests he’ll be the first to do this.

As I sit here I am pretty sure I will not be the buyer Mike is seeking, but minds change.  My problem is I’ve possessed at the same time motorbikes and bicycles.  When I can choose between fast and easy versus slower and hard, I am unlikely to make the choice that works off the food I cook and the beers I try.  I  sold my motorbikes to eliminate the temptation.  These ebikes, though, are not an all or nothing proposition.  I’d still be getting some exercise, but I need more exercise than I am getting–not less.   Hmm.  Wish me luck!

I hope you are well.


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