One More Day

As I dialed into a conference call, I overheard early participants discussing vacations.  The line “at least it is not the East Coast” was uttered.  Probably a reference to our heavy winter.  These were folks from California.  Who’ll be laughing when they dry up and blow away?  Not me.  But at least I will be hydrated.  I thought I was done with people bagging on my home when I left Nebraska.  Apparently not.  I am trying my best to be done with regionalism.  I’ve been bothered by frequent quips made at the expense of the Russians relating to the Sochi Olympics.  Russia spends $50 billion to host the world and still we complain.  Bad manners.  We should stop.

No sooner than I all but dared Frida to stray from the packed trail in the backyard, she did exactly 1

Must be something good over there.  As I write she is bushwhacking far off the trail.  That stinky goodness, whatever it is, will be hers.  photo 2

I brought upstairs the last gallon of July 2013 pickles and decanted a quart.  Still crunchy and oh so delicious.  Lacto-fermentation is swell.

I might have been experiencing opening day fever when I hoped the Madison Pour House would offer a bit more food I will eat.  The fellow who asked for my input seems to be avoiding me.  Might be that he doesn’t mean to add Field Roast sausages to the menu.  I hope I am wrong.  I’ll still go for a beer, but I will slide next door for yummy food at the Curry House instead of relaxing longer at the Pour House.  I’ll take up space for an hour and spend $10.  Add food and my tab would pop up to $25 or more.  Might have another beer, too, so $35.  The math seems easy to me.  What am I missing?

I wrote an email to the mayor asking for a public education campaign regarding (a) cyclists right to leave the right side of the road to avoid obstacles and when the lane is too narrow to share side by side and (b) the safe passing law (add three feet to get around a cyclist no matter where they are in the lane).  Not something I am in the habit of doing, this might have been my first, but we have a new mayor and a guy can dream.  For a week, at least.  I never before thought a computer generated response would be comforting until I got… nothing.  That’s what I expected, but I was open to being surprised.  Probably the case they are putting the program together behind the scenes and will invite me to the ribbon cutting.  I’ll let you know.

Some wins.  Some losses.  Onward!

One response to “One More Day

  1. Oh lil Frida. I’m sending such good thoughts her way.

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