Some Time Has Passed

But it is still snowing.  Not enough to break backs or stop hearts, but I do wish it would stop.awsbFrida is doing well, doing all the things Frida does without signs of her illness.fbl

We’ve stomped down for her a track in the yard.  It would otherwise be too deep for her to comfortably get around.frtYou can be sure of my assertion as Frida has not put more than a single paw off the track for more than a week.  Lacey and I have also hewed to narrow paths.  Work, cooking, walking Frida, maybe two hours outside the home without Frida, and snuggling in bed with Frida.  It has been wonderful.

ffaIsa Does It is still delivering the goods.  I’ve since made a chowder and chocolate oatmeal cookies.  Love both.

A friend shared this.  I recommend it.

I resisted an urge to buy a PS4.  It was in the cart when I realized it would only take me away from Frida.  Happy to stay by her.  I’ve never had or met a more wonderful dog.  Lacey saw  Sochi strays on TV and said they all looked like Frida.  So I Googled images of Sochi stray dogs.  See the fifth image at the allowing link.  Do I need to get on a plane or what?

Thats enough.  Hope you are well.





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