One Year

Frida at Window 02.14Just got back from the vet and then a walk around the neighborhood.  Frida’s kidneys still aren’t working well.  As long as she is eating, drinking and walking, and not puking, we will assume she is ok.  She puked yesterday for the first time since she came home from the hospital two months ago, but not since.  I was hoping it was the fumes from jalapeños sizzling on my new Lodge cast iron griddle (since she puked just as I took them off and the house was lousy with the smell), and that her numbers would be back to normal at today’s check up, but no such luck.  Her numbers show she is pretty sick, but she is acting like it ain’t no thing.  The guess is she has as much as one more year in her.   So now there is a timer ticking in my head as I love her.  Ouch.

The other things I wanted to share seem small now, but since I celebrate quiet on these pages, I’ll give a couple of items a quick mention before returning to Frida’s side.  hmt

The cast iron griddle is totally amazing.  After I griddled (what is the verb you do on the griddle side, ’cause the other side of this two sided hunk of iron is the grill) seitan, mushrooms, onions, garlic and jalapeños with oregano and cumin, I made four tortillas.  I kneaded into 2/3 cup of all purpose flour one heaping tablespoon of coconut oil, then forked into that 3/4 ounce of very warm water into which I had dissolved two generous pinches of salt.  I kneaded the result for a minute, formed four balls, let those rest for 30 minutes and then rolled them into 7″ tortillas.  They grilled for 30 seconds a side on a medium high heat griddle.  All this based on a recipe from a Rick Bayless cookbook I checkout out from the library.  I’m going to get a lot of use out of this griddle.

A dear friend dropped into the mail a copy of Isa Does It.  I’ve already made a spicy peanut sauce (which we ladled over wilted spinach and mushrooms, fried tofu cubes and rice) and a soup with chickpeas, rice, cabbage and dill.  Both were terrific.  I’ve got a lot of cookbooks, many of them very good, but this one, just now, is particularly inspiring.  I wasn’t aware until I read the cookbook that Isa has moved to Omaha.  Wish we were still there to say hey.  The cookbook will have to do.  Thanks, friend, for sending it!

Last weekend we went to MassMOCA with my cousin and her family.  Great art, but damned if these slanted icicles didn’t capture my imagination most of

A quick internet search suggests it might be wind.  That, or magic.  I’m going with magic.  You?

Send wishes for durable kidneys to Frida.



4 responses to “One Year

  1. Sending positive vibes to Frida.

  2. Christina Abbott

    If she only has a year left, then I can’t think of better parents than you and Lacey to be loved by during that year! Our thoughts are with you guys. Miss ya and hope to see you again soon!

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