Just in Time

I was able to leave the Bridgestone 600 without brakes for nearly 24 hours.  My slack definitely needs work.  So what if I had to unwrap the just-wrapped twine and cork wrap–I’ve been jonsing for bike projects all winter.  And the Suntour Superbe brakes are so very nice to install and set up and so very easy on the eyes.  Not happy about the grey Shimano 600 levers, but I had them on hand and the hoods are nice and soft.  bwb  Turns out the braking of the 600 was just in time.  Today, as I pedaled on the rollers, for only the second time in my life I came off the front and headed for the TV.  Spooky, no?  Happy to be wrong about my reflexes–I pulled the freshly installed brakes and stopped as soon as I came off.  The TV lives to blab away another day.bor

Did I will the mishap into being so I could pat my own back?  Not consciously.  As soon as I started pedaling I noticed this bike has a slightly longer wheelbase.  Just long enough that the front wheel rides a smidge forward of the center of the two front rollers.  Easy to notice because the steering was lighter and easy to see in the picture above (but the angle makes the overhang look more extreme than it is).  When standing to pedal, which I do every five minutes whether I feel like it or not (good to take pressure off the pressed bits), the bike rocks forward and back a bit when you aren’t perfectly smooth.  With the front wheel already positioned ahead of the front rollers, a little extra forward movement is all that is required to free the bike from stationary labors.  And that is when it happened–the first time I stood to pedal on this new to the rollers bicycle.  Learning.  Slowly.

I should move the front rollers forward (there are multiple holes in the rails for adjustments), but the belt I am running is a bit shorter than the original.  Not sure it would enjoy being stretched more than it is.  I should give it a try.  To be seen whether I will finish this post before popping down to the basement to experiment.  Maintaining focus.

Other things?  I took myself to lunch at Tierra Roasters.  Lacey had mentioned she would pick up lunch there and I wanted to surprise her.  Turns out her new work mates ordered in, so I missed her company.  I did enjoy a bagel with Tofutti cream cheese and veggies, though.  Very nicely prepared. ccob

This might be unremarkable to those living elsewhere, but I am pretty sure not a single other bagel spot in town carries Tofutti (despite eight years of my asking every time I have gone for eat-in bagels and all employees knowing exactly what I am talking about and apologizing for not having Tofutti over and over again).  So easy to carry it that it is hard not to take its absence as a poorly disguised middle finger to me and those alike.  No longer a need to complain–I can happily give my business to Tierra.fos

Frida cam shows her still motoring, salt-kissed streets be damned.  I look forward to the day that I can again take her for granted.  Or not.  I enjoy the extra snuggling occasioned by appreciating her each and every moment.  Like now–I really should go pay her a visit.

Take care, okay?

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