Stiff (high resistance) rollers?  Get easier gears.  Done!photo 2I’m calling into roller duty this well-used Bridgestone 600.  It was set up with a small ring in front (40?), but the six small gears in back, very low Cinelli stem and Belt saddle needed attention if it was going to be suitable for this task.  I swapped in a bigger freewheel (27?), a higher stem, a comfy saddle and easier rolling tires so it is now ready to go nowhere.  

Delighted to discover I can once again make the rollers go (when in the easiest gear).  I might even be able to get second gear going, but I’m aiming for cardiovascular health and knee preservation more than anything.  I left the brakes attached to the Cinelli bars and stem (on the off-chance I’d want to put this bike back on the road).  Who needs brakes on rollers?  I seriously doubt I’d have time to grab them before crashing into the TV (that sits two feet in front of the rollers).  No matter–if destroying TVs  is good enough for Elvis…  dggcgdgg

[Update:  A dear friend sent along the photo above and the quote below: ]

It will scramble up your head and drag your brain about
Sometimes you gotta do like Elvis did and shoot the damn thing out

— Dylan, “T.V. Talkin’ Song”

photo 1Frida’s still chugging along.  About a week left on her second round of antibiotics.  Fingers crossed.  The Musher’s Secret is working perfectly.  Not a single lifted paw despite nasty cold and pervasive salt.  Frida has decided that application of the goo is worth struggling against, but we get it done and are happy she still has fight in her.

It was reported the Madison Pour House could open as early as today.  I drove by at 1:00 and there was still plastic over the entire entrance.  Despite countless delays, I am hopeful.   The pictures at the link show the place looking ready to go (and pretty swank).  Maybe too nice, but I will keep an open mind (and consider shaving… or not).  Happy to see the beer list looking good and even a few items on the menu that we will eat.

I bought a pound of coffee beans at Tierra Roasters.  While there, I asked an employee if theater next door would serve beer.  He said they’ve applied for a license to serve beer and wine but that it may take some time to be issued.  I can wait.  This would be a welcomed first for Albany.  They have beer and wine at Movieland 6 in Schenectady, but I’ve never been there.  Probably never will.  The Madison Theater, though, is just down the street.  Things are looking up!

That’s enough.  Take care. 


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