Salt paw!  Raise one if you’ve suffered from it.  Frida does and Speed, our dear prior, did.  Speed tolerated boots.  Frida, not so well.  Last week during one of our rare heat waves (plus 20 degrees!), we ran into a fellow and his dog.  When asked how they’ve been weathering the cold, he said they walk every day regardless of temperature.  I asked him about salt paw (and its cousin cold paw) and he recommended Musher’s Secret.  Waxy goop from Canada.  Not vegan (it contains bees wax), but Frida isn’t close to vegan and I’ll do most anything to help her out.  I ordered a tub as soon as we got 2

It arrived yesterday.  Before bed, I applied a light coat to Frida’s pads and between her toes.  I was a little surprised to find a bit of grit deep between her toes.  Cleaned that out (and will now check more often).  Before this morning’s walk I applied it again.  Eighteen degrees, plenty of salt (which I usually carry her over but didn’t today) and roughly forty-five minutes.  Not a single lifted paw.  Near term success!  photo 1

When we got home I wiped her paws with a towel and again used my finger to clean deep between her toes.  Impotent steps as the goopy wax  collects dirt and grit and Frida seems mildly interested in licking the wax.  The product is supposed to be all natural, but the salt it picks up sure isn’t.  Some reviewers complained about strong smells.  Must have been an earlier formulation, as this tub doesn’t have much of a smell at all.  I’ll let you know if we run into problems down the road, but I am optimistic.

I’m checking the current temperature and forecast nearly as often as I check my email.  A modest warm up is predicted.  Twenty-one just now.  Forties in the near future.  I.  Can’t.  Wait!

Take care.


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