photoI’ve encountered the word but never before learned its meaning.  Does it typically carry a negative connotation?  Maybe, yes, but why?  It is what I often am and the rest of the time wish I were.


2 responses to “Taciturn

  1. Cat Down Under the Stars

    A little ditty by the great Ambrose Bierce:

    A DOG of a taciturn disposition said to his Tail:

    ‘Whenever I am angry, you rise and bristle; when I am pleased, you
    wag; when I am alarmed, you tuck yourself in out of danger. You
    are too mercurial – you disclose all my emotions. My notion is
    that tails are given to conceal thought. It is my dearest ambition
    to be as impassive as the Sphinx.’

    ‘My friend, you must recognise the laws and limitations of your
    being,’ replied the Tail, with flexions appropriate to the
    sentiments uttered, ‘and try to be great some other way. The
    Sphinx has one hundred and fifty qualifications for impassiveness
    which you lack.’

    ‘What are they?’ the Dog asked.

    ‘One hundred and forty-nine tons of sand on her tail.’

    ‘And — ?’

    ‘A stone tail.’


    I’m not sure of the ramifications, but I can personally attest that the first one hundred and forty-nine of those reasons have since been lifted. Interestingly, there is also a square-ish opening immediately proximate to the stumpy tail. I’m not sure what it’s for….

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