So It Is

I’ve recently been inspired by a thermometer showing negative four fahrenheit, ignoring the wind-chill, plus eleven inches of snow.  Cold enough that I kept a log of the frequency and duration of furnace firings.  Seemed as if it wasn’t shutting off, but in fact it has been running for thirty minutes, resting for an hour, sometimes a bit more, and then going back to it.  Very cosy, if a bit dry.

photoThe shoveling has been pleasant.  The snow is too cold to be heavy.  Like moving packing peanuts from one place to another.  I’m easily maintaining my pole position in our neighborhood contest.  This morning’s session from 5:30 to 6:30 concluded without as much as an appearance from the “competition.”

Lacey, Frida and I went to Lacey’s parent place for New Year’s Eve.  Lacey’s sister made known to us Streat Foods, a new restaurant in Delhi.  The menu looked good so I arranged to pick up food for our evening meal.  They made up trays of black beans, rice, potatoes, and three shredded animals (for the folks that are “not yet there”), as well as tortillas, pico de gallo and guacamole.  Two plates filled with the plant based offerings were delicious.  I will visit every time I am in Delhi and you should as well.

This morning, while shoveling and wondering how cold it needs to be for Preparation H to become crystalline, I came up with the contours for the following joke.  “Reparations H… for those times when your government’s efforts to say we’re sorry leave you with mild to moderate discomfort.”  Not long thereafter I decided the walk, drive and car were sufficiently cleared.  Time for some warm oatmeal.

Take care.


2 responses to “So It Is

  1. You are the best husband, shoveler and doggie daddy in the world!!!!

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