Wasted on me, that is.  That being Rivendell’s English Jacket.  I’m sick for jackets and coats.  I have way more than I need to get me to the finish line.  The finish line.  This one is swell.

fSewn in Oakland, California, with outer fabric from Italy (H2O Protector).  I thought it was cotton woven tightly enough to be water resistant, but the tag suggests it is treated (“proofed”) and retreatable (“reproofed”).  The fabric company’s site doesn’t mention treating the fabric, but again mentions reproofing.  I am going to trust Grant on this one.  Probably just confusing terminology.  Onward.w

I can’t yet review the performance features of the coat, but I can give an enthusiastic thumbs up to the cut, construction and materials.  s

I might never be able to properly review its performance features.  Almost all of my pedaling is voluntary and I don’t particularly care to pedal in the rain.  Silly to have bought the coat, then, but that’s me.  Lacey, ever so charitable Lacey, gave me a pass by saying maybe I’d have the coat on one day while pedaling and get caught in an unexpected shower.  Bless her.  i

Speaking of Lacey, she called while I was out walking Frida to say her school was on lockdown.  Some fellow was out for a stroll with a gun on the street on which her school sits.  Yikers.  A different Albany school was on lockdown yesterday.  What’s up?  Good to be safe, I guess.  I trust she will be taken care of (or will take care of herself), but I will be very happy to have her home.  Is it just me or does Frida look concerned?wa

How’d last night’s Baba Black Lager session go?  Delicious, but I only enjoyed two so I remained sober throughout my celebration of prohibition’s end.   It is just as well because I now have four left and can enjoy the experience twice more.  How do I know Lacey won’t dip into the six?  She had a sip at my insistence and rated it a meh-minus.  If it isn’t above 8%, she simply isn’t interested.

That’s enough.  Happy Friday.


6 responses to “Wasted

  1. love the orange zipper, but then, I’m a sucker for orange. have you come across any slightly more typical cycling jackets with the following basics: pit zips or at least wrist zips, but flap, waterproof fabric, reflective something (preferably piping or one wide vertical stripe)? just curious…I’ve been in the market for a while and have found nothing, but then, of course, I never run across your finds in my searches!

  2. I’ve been drooling over this jacket, myself.

  3. Well, I look forward to hearing about the rain performance if you do get a chance to try it out. I anticipate some rainy rides in my future and am looking for some jackets to help with this that aren’t ugly. This one is nice. Do they offer a female version?

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