A Brisk Place

He’s here (Mr. Winter) and it hurts.

fSoup helps.  I added to a fairly pedestrian pot vegetable soup a pint of my sauerkraut and the result was (and is) quite delightful.  sHaving started with plain water, I was happy to end up with so much flavor.  A glass of white wine, thyme and rosemary rescued from the yard before the snow and a little tamari helped, but the sauerkraut is right there in front, all but stealing the show.  p

I’ve enjoyed three passes through Bankrupt! by Phoenix.  Thanks to Austin City Limits for the introduction (clip here).   On their way are two LPs from Shovels and Rope and another two from the Milk Carton Kids.  Austin City Limits airs an episode with Bob Mould on November 30, 2013.  So much music to enjoy!

Nearly 11:00 so I am going to put together lunch.  I eat early without apology, but I don’t usually broadcast the fact (so many people think eating late is cool–where’d that come from?).   This morning’s workout raised a hunger that has removed the last of my inhibitions.  Gotta go.

Be well, safe and good.



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