Just enough to feel human.  Trying to put it to good use.  fld

Yesterday morning I did my second workout (burpees followed by rollers).  Following Monday’s clutch drop (45 push ups after having done zero in eight months), my push up muscles were wrecked.  I couldn’t lower myself to the ground without excruciating pain.  So I did the rest of the burpee (what’s that leave, a squat thrust?).  As I warmed up, I started to be able to do push ups from my knees and finally full push ups.  Should have done none–given my muscles more time to repair themselves–but I did what I did.  I’ll be smarter on Friday.  The rollers part was dramatically more pleasant with the less stretched out position afforded by the Ritchey Force stem (made by Nitto) with the shorter extension.

Yesterday at lunch I watched President Obama award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to an illustrious group including Gloria Steinem, Ernie Banks, Sally Ride, Loretta Lynn and Arturo Sandoval.  Until I watched the ceremony, I recognized most of the names but didn’t have a good idea why some of their their names were known to me.  If you have 50 minutes to spare, I commend the ceremony to you.bc

My house smells like the Keebler tree since I pulled from the oven a pan of Chloe Coscarelli’s Beach Cookies from Chloe’s Vegan Desserts.  So simple to make:  chocolate chips, walnuts and coconut flakes in a binder of coconut milk, sweetener and a thickener on a graham cracker crust.  This is the second time I’ve made them.  They are insane.  So much so that for six months I’ve denied myself a second batch.  However, a pantry with two boxes of graham crackers expiring in December broke my will.  A breakdown gone good.pbj

I recently received in the mail two pairs of Prison Blues Rigid Double Knee Work Jeans.  Pointer was out of my size (they were recently covered in the NYT so maybe they are scrambling to fill new orders) so I gave Prison Blues a try.  Pretty sure Mike Flanigan recommended them.  The rigid designation means unwashed and I was instructed to order a size up for shrinkage.  I already order pants a size up from my true waist size to give my thighs a bit of room.  Adding another inch to my Prison Blues jeans resulted in ridiculously huge pants showing up.  I could have returned them before washing them, but I was excited and wanted to see if I could shrink them enough.  Verdict?  Not enough–they still look silly huge–but they are obviously super comfortable.  The double knee should add to their longevity and keep the wind at bay this winter.  I’ll give them a fair trial and report back.

That’s enough.  Please take care of yourself.


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