I’ve been here, doing work by day and recreating with Lacey by night and on weekends, but haven’t until now felt like I had to share.  Winter blues early?  I hope not.  This helps.hshss

Hunan style hot and sour soup from Donna Klein’s The Chinese Vegan Kitchen.  I didn’t have a tomato (or chili oil) but did have an open can of chilpotles in adobo sauce so I cut up just one.  That, along with maybe 1/2 teaspoon of chili flakes, in 6 cups of water had me guessing I’d end up with a somewhat bland soup.  Maybe  need a little Sriracha, right?  Wrong!  I was half way through the first bowl before I decided it was edible (the first half was just painful).  The second bowl was terrific.  Bonus–I was lucky enough to have a friend stop by for a bowl, then a second.  Hard to be blue while an unplanned visitor is enjoying your soup.  Thanks, Donna Klein!  Thanks lunch guest!

The weather is changing for the worse, for real, so I should be getting on rollers and doing burpees and all that.  Will writing it here help it happen?  Here’s hoping.  For the past two weeks the only exercise I’ve been getting is walking Frida in the neighborhood and walking between the oche (throw line) and the dart board.  Not enough (but I am steadily improving at darts).

Hope you are well.


2 responses to “Something

  1. Yum! That looks really really good! I want that for lunch today.

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