I Broke the Co-op

Long live sensational titles.


So I didn’t break anything, but the over oiled Sturmey Archer hub on my Schwinn Racer did leave a stain on their new pavement.  The bicycle pictured is not the Schwinn Racer, but I park in the same spot most every time I go.

This exchange was fun for me to read, what with the nuggets of wisdom interjected by Sheldon Brown (R.I.P.).  Don’t have time for it?  Punchline is you don’t know how much oil is too much until you’ve added too much.  That, and leaning your bike to the right (which I do (did) when I park at the Co-op) will exacerbate the problem.  Sheldon doesn’t mention it, but I think the hub sitting in the hot sun will make matters worse as well.

Anyway, dripping a little oil from a nearly fifty year old bicycle hub kind of makes me laugh, environmental impact be damned (I added some motor oil instead of the Phil Wood Bio Lube just because I like the can from which the motor oil is dispensed–oil can came with the house–score).  It is like the can was made for oiling SA hubs.  Maybe I should go back to the Bio Lube.oc

Anything else?  Just this–pay attention to oil dripping on the rim and wipe it away when you notice it.  Braking on steel rims is bad enough without added lubrication (this reminder from my good friend and SA hub expert).

Oh!  One more thing–come to my cousin’s art opening!  She curated the show and I am confident it will be terrific.Invite - front

Invite - backThat’s enough for now.  I am still swamped at work.  Seems like I will be through year’s end.  Good times.



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