I pedaled to a few errands this morning.  The sixty degree temperature, light wind, sunny skies and Schwinn Racer should have added up to a stellar outing, but that wasn’t to be.  On the first leg of my journey, I was close passed by a short bus.  Like Blue Angels close (as in under a foot).  I got the name of the operator and the number of the bus and called it in.  I asked the receptionist who I could speak to regarding a complaint against a driver.  She said she’d take the information.  She said she’d pass my complaint along to the driver.  A lot of good that will do.  I should have insisted to speak to a supervisor.  Next time.

The second leg went well, but on the third leg a contractor in a van gave me another scare.  I thought I was out far enough to preclude a pass, but he made it work, passing at full speed with again less than a foot of clearance.  I can control this dangerous behavior by pulling out far enough to prevent the pass.  I often do, but not always.  It can be scary and I want to believe it isn’t always necessary but as soon as I give the width of a vehicle a few play stunt driver risking their paint job and my life.  I have to scoot out there more consistently (and of course scoot back to the right when it is safe for them to pass).

The fourth leg worked.  Fifty percent success, then.  I want to be done trotting out the seventh unfriendliest city line, but it sure pops into my head when a couple of my neighbors boil my juices sending steam out my ears.

Work is too much just now.  Giving me an ulcer, too much.  I need to figure that out.  Tough to integrate someone else into my practice when I work from home, but I may need to give it a try.  As in start to work with the associates available to me in the DC office.  It is the age old feast and famine problem.  During the peaks I am too busy to think about anything but getting the work done.  Then during the valleys I want nothing but to relax and forget I need to plan for the peaks.  Something to noodle on, though.  Stomach pain is a new sensation and I don’t like it one bit.

I have enjoyed cooking up a storm.  On Monday I made a couple of quarts of enchilada sauce.  Tuesday, a vat of greens.  Today a vat of refried black beans.  Tomorrow, rice and guacamole.  It will all go together to feed friends coming over for a night of Scrabble.  photo

I just picked up a growler of Newburgh Brewing Company’s Paper Box Pale Ale.  They call it a sessionable IPA (only 4.5% abv).  The checkout guy said it was tapped yesterday and is excellent.  He hasn’t steered me wrong before, so I am glad for the confirmation of my blind pick.  That, too, will be shared with the Scrabble crew.  Lacey says they don’t deserve me.  I respectfully disagree.  They are a seriously fine bunch of men and I enjoy trying my hardest to repay them for letting me into their midst.  Back to the beer.  Too bad Newburgh is so far darn south from here, or I’d hop in the car to check the place out.  Looks terrific.  Maybe someday.

Lacey and I have been playing darts most every evening.  Seems like one game of cricket and one game of 501 are enough to sate our thirst for the game.  I didn’t know 501 rules typically require hitting a double to go out.  Makes the end game a lot more interesting and the game quite a bit longer.  Improving, sure, but still just a hack.  We’ll see how things look at the end of the winter.

That’s enough.  I need some lunch.  Take care.


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