Cold Seen Walking My Way

A few delights to share in advance of the approach of winter.  Some simple, like a heron wading in the pond.h

Some a bit more complex, like a pair of vada pav (pronounced, I understand, like wada pav) from Parivar Cafe.  Only $4.99, absolutely delicious and sufficient to fill me up.vp

Some seemingly innocent and very cool, but actually pretty dangerous, like this Hallicrafters S-38E I picked up from my neighbor’s curb.  hc

It was working but for the tuning dial, so I opened it up and tightened the strings that connect the knob to the indicator and the tuner.  That is working now, but the danger described in the link above encourages me to give the radio to anyone who cares to make the modifications described in the link (or operate the radio while it is plugged into an isolation transformer, which I don’t have but maybe you do).  I don’t trust myself with it.  For instance, I now know that using it near the sink is a bad idea (even if there is no water in the sink) as the sink’s connection to cold water pipes could make the stainless steel sink a connection to ground.  Read the link and you’ll see why this could be a big problem.

Oh!  We now have a really fine dart board in the basement.  Should be a welcome diversion over the winter months.d

Cold winds are blowing outside and I need lunch.  I’ll say goodbye.  I hope you had a great weekend, too!


2 responses to “Cold Seen Walking My Way

  1. I can perform the necessary work on the Hallicrafters if you’d like. Honestly, you shouldn’t attempt using this without doing the necessary safety upgrades, as so-called “chassis hot” units (radios, guitar amps, etc) can kill you. The cost would be the parts and a six or two of an IPA of my choosing.

    • Thanks for the warning. The sites I visited made that very clear to me. Your offer is very kind! Thank you! Based on your email, it looks like you are local or very close. I will happily take you up on the offer either way, but would prefer to up the trade to three six packs provided I can watch you do the work and ask questions. I’ve always wanted try working on electronics but would benefit from watching someone in person. What say you? Thanks again.

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