Not Shut Down

Pedaled home with a basket overflowing with

Bean weeds.  Collard weeds.  Mustard weeds.  Pepper weeds.  Even one celeriac

Dinner last night?  Oven fried chickeny seitan on waffles.  A first for both Lacey and I.  It won’t be a last.  No pictures.  It was half gone before I formed the idea of sharing and momentum carried the door closed.

Dinner tonight?  Pintos.  Dirty rice.  Collards.  Squash.  Healthy, to counterbalance last night’s delights.

Offensive motorist report?  I got close-passed in a park by a nun!  Indeed!


It is too pretty outside to sit inside and type.  Probably too pretty for you to sit and read.  So I’ll close.

Take care!



2 responses to “Not Shut Down

  1. Glad you’re not taking the community garden head office’s comments too much to heart. 😉 (I’m with you.)

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