There and Here

I spent three days of last week in Chicago.  What a terrific town.  Not even three days of Continuing Legal Education could spoil my mood.  Aside–examining this picture motivated me to get to the eyeglass shop to have mine adjusted.  Darn my crooked

While in Chicago, I had my first encounter with a bike share program–they call theirs Divvy.  Click on the link to see the astounding number of stations and bikes.  I paid $7 to check out bikes for 24 hours.  So long as I returned each bike to any dock within 30 minutes, no extra fees would accrue.  I only had time for a 25 minute ride on one bike, but I had a ball.  I was in the loop and pedaled toward the water and then a few blocks north along Lake Michigan before turning around.  So many commuters!  The bikes were tanks, but the three speed Shimano hubs were geared well enough to be fun.  Also loved the front briefcase rack with bungee strap.  I put a messenger bag in there just after I took this shot.db

As great as Chicago is, I was very glad to come home to Lacey and Frida.


Lacey and I had a terrific Sunday.  We pedaled to Tierra Roasters to sit a bit and watch the world roll by.  I had a nice Founder’s All Day IPA (4.7% ABV).  Next we pedaled to the Opalka Gallery to check out their current show.  It rocked, and secured bonus points for bike themed art.  Just when I thought I had every bike I

Lastly we headed to The Olde English for drinks and fries.  I had a Belhaven Twisted Thistle (5.3% ABV).  This place is at the bottom of Albany’s hill.  That we still go there on bicycles is a testament to its wonderfulness.phlaoto 5Now it is back to the grind.  Hope you’ve been well and are surviving your Monday.

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