That last post was a bummer.  I want you to have fun when you visit.  How’s this?

Pedaled to the garden on the Racer and pulled the Burley Nomad trailer.  All but denuded the place.  I pulled out still producing tomato and cucumber vines to get to the crabgrass between and amongst them.  I left the tomatillos, the beans, the mustard, the kale, the collards, the peppers and the last head of bok choy.  Would have done all that after the first freeze, but to be honest it feels good to have that much behind

I pedaled the Racer to the gas station to buy a Powerball ticket.  We are in it to win it.  I feel like I’ve already won, though, what with a perfectly geared Racer underneath me.  46 up front and 21 in back with a Sturmey Archer AW gives me a first gear that is good for lazy starts, pulling trailers and going up gentle hills.  Second provides a more spirited speed on the flats.  As fast as I’d want to go with the suboptimal braking afforded by the steel rims.  Third gear lets me pedal a bit on gentle downhills for a bit more speed–maybe 20 miles an hour if I remember what that feels like from my days with a speedometer on my bicycle.  Joys over joys.

I pedaled the Racer to the bank to deposit a check.  I got the lolly I shared with Frida in the video above.  “A little sugar for your ride home?”  Indeed.  That’s customer service and it only cost them a smile and a penny.  Goes a long way.

Then a Williams Sonoma catalog with Halloween treats.  I’ve never been tempted by their seasonal doodads, but this stuff really trips my trigger.  Might want to go to the store to see it in

I am especially tempted by the metal skull cocktail skewers and the skull cake pan, but the punch set, the plates… I really think it is all 2

Even the pancake forms!  Good show, folks! boo 3

My youtube channel was playing in the background and I heard Lacey laughing.  Pretty sure I’ve shared this one before, but it is too good  to post only once.

That’s enough.  A good day!  Thanks for sticking with me.


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