Yesterday Frida and I met this fellow.

sIt tried to play with Frida by jumping all around her, but I kept Frida on a short leash.  Although Frida has passed tests with babies, puppies and even frogs, I didn’t want to see how she would do with a very young squirrel.  fns1

I was worried it had fallen from the 2

Happily it climbed into the tree.sit

Next up, alternative vehicles.m

It is a Rick Cycle.  The users were undergoing the stresses of tandem cycling that Lacey and I knew all too well.  The gentleman, anyway.  If I understand the machine, part of the problem is the thing is set up with two separate drivetrains powering the two rear wheels.  Looks like each user has their own derailleur and can make their wheel go at whatever speed they chose (unless they want to go in a straight line).  These two were tacking and weaving up and down the streets as I made my way home.  I hope I have it wrong.  I’d like to believe the vehicle is well thought out.  pufs

How old is this?  New to me, but I am sure many desperate gardeners have tried to share extra produce via the pop up farm stand (PUFStm).  See, all my typical marks, I mean friends, were hiding as I pedaled home and I didn’t feel like making my way to the coop for the squash hunger drop.  So far two cars and one pedestrian have passed by with zero takers.  Weird is a tough sell.  I’ll make use of what is left.

Oh.  I left an EZ Pass in the Fit when we traded it in.  That was Tuesday.  I realized it last night at midnight.  Sent an email to the salesperson and the dealership hoping they had noticed it before they shipped it out.  I learned they hadn’t as our account now has tolls relating to a trip to New Jersey.  Totally my fault for not remembering, but I had hoped they’d have my back.  I mean, they take in trades every day and I can’t be the only one to have left the tag on the window.  Sad.  So I pay a few tolls and a $22 replacement fee and am without a tag for a couple of weeks.  Not the end of the world, but I hope this is the last insult (of too many) relating to this car swap.  I know. Poor me.  Ha!

I should go.  Be well.



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