So Much

Let’s take it in order.  On Friday I rescued Darwin.  He had a tag with a number which I called and the owner was there in a flash to pick him up.  What a sweetheart, this gray snouted pooch.Darwin

I was on my way to the garden when I stopped to hold Darwin for a few minutes.   The garden is so pretty just now, what with the mustard and wild onions going to seed.  GM

I pulled out five cabbage, two monster cukes and some beans.  The basket was up to the task.  Cabbage

I’ve shredded the cabbage and added salt, apples, caraway seed, celery seed and dill seed.     If all goes well, I will have two gallons of sauerkraut by the weekend.Horse

We had a visitor who showed up with her new custom steel Horse (above).  Isn’t it swell?  I think she means to race cross on it as well as any fast tours that come her way.51

Sunday I was privileged to ride it this little gem (above, a ’51 Nash) all the way to Saugerties.  You have to see it person to appreciate how small this car is.  I should have had the owner stand by it to give you an idea.  It can’t be bigger than Lacey’s Fit, if that helps.  Click twice and check out the speedometer.  We were going 50 at that moment, but 65 was tappable when needed.D

The weather was hypnotized by the car’s fabulousness and went from a continuous blanket of dark clouds, to this…Sky

Three on the tree, so three on the floor.Control

The owner and I were aiming for a vintage British car show and our aim was true.Bentley

Quite a show.  This Bentley above a real standout.  Bentley Interior

Word on the lawn was the owner played the banjo in Deliverance.  He wasn’t the actor (Lacey confirmed that using her facial recognition super powers) so he must have been the one whose picking was recorded.  The owner is shown above explaining the operation of the steer wheel hub mounted controls to my friend.MG

Oh.  How about the door handles on this MG (above)?  Click twice to get the detail.  Pure art.

Anything else?  Sure!  Honest Weight Food Co-op has started stocking Treeline Nut Cheese!  Buy it up.  You won’t be disappointed.  Treeline

Beer?  The Co-op continues to tempt and I remain powerless.  Maybe I need to start volunteering there again so I can save a bit on my ever growing grocery bills.B

That’s quite a weekend.  Even Frida is yawning from the whirlwind of it all.End of Yawn

Take care.


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