Still cucumbers and green beans.  Also tomatoes, bok choy, greens, wax peppers and now tomatillos.  I am overwhelmed by the quantity.  Picking, cleaning, preparing and eating.  The whole of it.  Thankful, sure, but uncle!  Today I pedaled the cucumbers, green beans, bok choy, tomatillos and some greens to the co-op to donate.  There were gallons of green beans there already.  Also a ton of corn and squash.  I brought home only greens, two tomatoes and six wax peppers.

From the garden to the co-op, the load was double the height of the Wald basket I’ve added to the Racer, but a towel and a bungee net kept it in place.   From the co-op to home the load fit in the basket.  I felt better with a smaller load.  The nearly fifty year old tires look good, but I don’t want to overload them. rb

A 21-tooth Sturmey Archer sprocket is winging its way here from England.  A SRAM PC-7X is headed here from Ben’s  in Milwaukee (in case I need a longer chain).  Compared to the 18-tooth sprocket on there now, the 21-toother will give me a lower first gear and probably make  second gear my most of the time gear.  I can only say probably as I now mostly pedal the 18-toother in first resulting in a 3.7 something or other (gain-ratio?) and the new sprocket will give me a 4.3 in second.  Close?  I don’t really know.  I’ve never paid too much attention to the numbers.  If I had looked it up before I ordered the 21-toother, I might have gone with a 23-toother back there so that second would have resulted in a 3.9.  That I know I could push with ease (since the 3.7 is easy).  Still, half a dozen folks suggested going up two teeth from the stock 18 and no one suggested going up five teeth.  I wonder why.  Am I super weak?  Maybe.  Do I love mellow rolling?  Definitely.

See that Brooks vinyl seat on there now?  Shockingly heavy, but I don’t care a bit. It is amazingly comfortable and, as important, silent.  A huge upgrade from the Persons saddle that I had on there.

I am loving the Racer.  I’ve cleaned and greased the front hub and the head set.  Both were clean but bone dry.  I’ll give the same treatment to the bottom bracket and the rear hub when the new sprocket shows up.  That should be it, then.  Nothing left but the enjoyment.

Hope you are having as much fun.


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