Fall Back

I’ve added to the stable a Schwinn Racer built in September, 1966.  Older than me!Schwinn Racer 1966

I resisted buying it for all of thirteen days.  Small victories.  However, during the whole of the resistance I mentioned the bicycle to Lacey once or even twice a day.  Apparently that is my “tell.”  So Lacey knew before I did that I would be bringing this one home and she didn’t mind a bit.  Isn’t Lacey swell?  She gets better.  On her recommendation, I tried to engineer a trade so I could avoid an increase in the number of bicycles in the house.  Alas, the trade didn’t seem promising and the lister seemed like a good guy (I now know he is), so I just bought the sweet thing.

I’ve swapped the brake pads and seat, cleaned and oiled the chain, trued the rear wheel and gave it a spit shine.  Ready to go and I’ve added about a quarter of a mile to the low mileage of this well cared for machine.

Please help me find the strength to not buy another.   Maybe also buy one or two from me, ok?  Time to walk Frida.

Have a good day.



2 responses to “Fall Back

  1. There is a Schwinn Racer for sale near to Kansas City. Kickback hub. Looks like it is in mint condition too. I love the look of this bike, but I don’t know that my wife will allow me to have another bicycle.

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