Close to Home

Still with the cucumbers and beans but thankfully a few tomatoes and wax peppers so gazpacho for lunch. g

Happy about the greens this year.  Tonight we’ll enjoy a dal with mustard and kale.  d

What else?  Oh right!  I wanted to share this nugget.  I carry a satchel when I walk Frida.  Until today it was a well made military number that I’ve had for thirty years.  It started to come apart so I patched it.  Despite my efforts the cotton was disintegrating so I found a new satchel.  nb

This one, a Danish civil defense bag, is available on eBay to anyone wanting to hop on board.  Not sure to what CF refers, but since I called my previous bag Frida’s cut foot bag (on account of the cut foot kit I carry) I couldn’t be happier that this bag sports a CF.  What treasures are in there?   Glad you asked!in

Most used is the Gulpy waterer.  This is the most useful dog gadget I’ve ever encountered.  gy

Not a summer walk goes by that she doesn’t drink half to all of one bottle.  Much easier than a bowl, or a hand or what not.

Next is the cut foot

A dog boot, a panty liner and an Ace bandage should be enough to allow Frida to walk home with a cut foot without adding debris in the wound.  The video shows  the kit has evolved some.

The video documents the last time she cut her foot, in 2007, when all we carried was a panty liner in a cotton bag.  Worked fine, but gosh she looked janky.  Sorry girl!

Also in there are a spare collar and leash (for rescuing strays, of course) and a roll of poop bags.  Prepared!

Should go live a little.  Bye!


4 responses to “Close to Home

  1. I need the water dispenser! The cut foot kit is a great idea. Lucy is miss tender toes, she constantly limps on our walks and when I investigate it’s usually a leaf stuck between her toes. Can’t imagine what she would do if she actually had a cut. I’m sure it would be dramatic!

    • If you want a Gulpy, buy 2 or 3. The drinking tray is brittle plastic. It cracks if you look at it wrong. Still the best solution I’ve found.

      Your pooch is funny. Better to prevent the cut. Maybe you should hire a pair of curling sweepers to clear a path for her.

      Hope your day is magical.

  2. At work, I explore for listening. This morning I found this, which made me think of your blog:
    Maybe not your taste in music (not sure) but I thought you’d appreciate the theme.
    Best wishes for the remainder of the summer,

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